West Virginia Leads the Way in Transportation Innovation with HaulHub's EDOT e-Ticketing


In 2023, the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) with the support of Governor Jim Justice embarked on a groundbreaking journey, successfully achieving a full-scale digital transformation of their operations.

WVDOT set an ambitious objective to digitize all contract lettings for Hot MixAsphalt (HMA), Aggregates (Agg), and Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) by the end of 2023 utilizing the e-Ticketing component of the HaulHub EDOT Platform.

WVDOT has successfully brought all 2023 lettings with the three main materials into the digital ecosystem from the beginning of 2023 by collaborating closely with local industry and taking a meticulous approach to implementation. This effort resulted in 152 digital connections between material supply sites and WVDOT across 100 projects and growing. Now WVDOT is poised to leverage this connected ecosystem to derive further advances in safety, efficiency, and collaboration in the construction seasons to come.

The Challenge

WVDOT faced all too common challenges with its old paper-based material ticketing processes. These processes lacked a mechanism for efficient digital sharing, leading to data underutilization, errors, disputes, and impeded decision-making.

Compounding these operational inefficiencies was the manual collection of tickets alongside active construction vehicles presenting significant safety risks for field staff and putting negative pressure on workforce development. Incoming talent is increasingly and justifiably uncomfortable with unnecessary safety risks and have a much higher expectation for technology usage.

Recognizing these issues, WVDOT identified an urgent need to modernize their material ticketing processes, aiming for a solution that would enhance safety, streamline operations, and align with the expectations of a digital-era workforce.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, WVDOT selected HaulHub's Platform as the linchpin of their digital overhaul. This choice was grounded in HaulHub's established success in spearheading digital transitions for other transportation agencies. The platform's user-friendly design, tailored specifically for the needs of DOTs and their partners, along with its ability to provide real-time data via both mobile and web interfaces, were key deciding factors. Critically, its offline functionality catered to the connectivity challenges across various regions of the state.

The platform's potential to drastically reduce paperwork and improve real-time data access was a significant draw. Furthermore, fostering collaboration among diverse project stakeholders was seen as essential to streamline operations. Safety was at the forefront of this transformation. With the adoption of HaulHub's technology, WVDOT was poised to not only streamline operational processes but also significantly enhance safety in work zones through real-time data insights.

Aligning with their vision, WVDOT embarked on an ambitious mission to digitize all contract lettings for HMA, Agg, and RMC by the end of 2023. This strategy aimed to establish a uniform and comprehensive e-ticketing system across the state, marking a significant step towards modernizing their operations.

Implementation and Adoption

The implementation of e-Ticketing by WVDOT was characterized by a detailed and collaborative approach. Teams from WVDOT and HaulHub worked in close partnership with local material producers and suppliers, ensuring a seamless transition to the digital platform. This process began with a strategic alignment phase, which involved drawing lessons from previous digitization attempts and carefully selecting projects, materials, and stakeholders. This careful planning laid the foundation for a realistic and achievable implementation timeline.

The launch phase was marked by a comprehensive communication plan, which was critical in setting expectations and preparing all involved parties for the transition. To facilitate effective platform usage, WVDOT conducted extensive training sessions. These were designed not just to acquaint staff with the technical aspects of the new system, but also to instill confidence in navigating and maximizing the potential of the digital tool.

Key to the success of this initiative was the active participation of major material producers and suppliers in West Virginia, such as J.F. Allen and West Virginia Paving. These organizations stepped forward early in the process to provide e-tickets, enabling state inspectors to gain hands-on experience with the platform and offer valuable feedback. The user-friendly and intuitive nature of HaulHub’s platform played a significant role in its rapid adoption, ensuring that the transition did not disrupt ongoing operations but instead enhanced overall efficiency and productivity.

The Results

With the adoption of e-Ticketing from the HaulHub EDOT Platform, WVDOT has significantly advanced its digital operations. This initiative successfully digitized all 2023 lettings with key materials - HMA, Agg and RMC. As a result, WVDOT has effectively managed 100 projects involving these materials, establishing 152 digital connections between material supply sites and the department. This transition has led to notable efficiency gains, with a substantial reduction in paperwork and administrative tasks, thereby streamlining the workflow across the department’s extensive project portfolio.

One of the standout benefits of the platform has been its automated data gathering capabilities, which have markedly reduced errors in invoicing and reconciliation processes. This automation has not only optimized operations but also fostered enhanced collaboration among contractors, suppliers, and DOT inspectors statewide. The ability to access real-time insights has revolutionized decision-making processes, enabling a more dynamic and responsive approach across the entire supply chain.

Stephen “Todd” Rumbaugh, Deputy State Highway Engineer – Construction at WVDOT, reflects on the impact of this digital shift: "Embracing the HaulHub platform has been a game-changer for our operations. Its influence extends beyond mere numbers; it signifies a shift towards a safer, more efficient, and collaborative construction environment. The precision and tools provided by the platform have fundamentally altered our project management approach. As we look to the future, our enthusiasm is high for the continued development of this partnership, which promises to drive further innovation and operational excellence throughout West Virginia's DOT projects."

Key Benefits Realized

Efficiency Gains: The DOT witnessed a significant reduction in the time spent on paperwork and administrative tasks. Access to real-time data streamlined processes, allowing teams to focus on other critical aspects of project management.

Error Reduction: The digital nature of the platform drastically reduced errors associated with manual data entry. Automated checks and validations ensured that data integrity was maintained throughout the ticketing process.

Collaboration Enhancement: The platform served as a centralized hub, connecting contractors, suppliers, and DOT inspectors seamlessly. This improved transparency, communication and collaboration, fostering a more connected and efficient supply chain.

Real-Time Insights: Access to live data empowered decision-makers with real-time insights into project progress, material usage, and supplier performance. This enhanced visibility translated into better-informed decision-making.

Offline Capabilities: The platform's robust offline capabilities empowered users to seamlessly manage e-tickets in areas with no network coverage, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in remote locations or during temporary service outages.

Increased Work Zone Safety: By providing real-time insights and data, the platform contributes significantly to heightened work zone safety, allowing for proactive monitoring and swift responses to potential issues, ultimately fostering a secure environment for all stakeholders involved in construction projects.

Looking Forward

The success of WVDOT’s Digital Delivery efforts in 2023 have propelled them towards even more ambitious goals. Buoyed by the platform's impactful performance, WVDOT is charting a course for expansion. The next phase includes broadening the platform's application to materials such as Rebar, Steel Pipe, and Precast Concrete. Additionally, WVDOT is keen on exploring innovative features like Pay Item Reconciliation and Tracking Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)/Carbon Footprint. These initiatives underscore WVDOT's dedication to ongoing improvement and environmental responsibility, signaling a forward-thinking approach in infrastructure management.


The adoption of HaulHub's Platform by WVDOT marks a significant milestone in how technology can drive transformative change in large-scale operations. Transitioning from a traditional paper-based system to a sophisticated, digital ecosystem, WVDOT has effectively tackled immediate operational challenges and set a robust foundation for future growth. This journey has not only enhanced productivity, accuracy, and collaboration but has also positioned West Virginia as a leader in embracing technological solutions in transportation construction. Looking ahead, WVDOT's continued partnership with HaulHub holds the promise of further innovation, cementing its role as a trailblazer in the field of transportation and infrastructure.

West Virginia Department of Transportation
The West Virginia Department of Transportation embarked on a transformative journey by adopting HaulHub’s cutting-edge DOT e-Ticketing platform. This technological leap not only streamlined their processes but ushered in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration.
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