Builders Asphalt Gained Valuable Sales Insights Into Customer Behavior With SupplierCI

The Challenge

Builders Asphalt, a leading asphalt supplier based in Chicago, recently faced several challenges in their day-to-day operations. First, was the need to attract new customers amidst closer competing plants, requiring them to effectively demonstrate their value proposition through competitive pricing. Second, was breaking into new markets due to established loyalties towards other suppliers. Additionally, like many businesses in the construction industry, Builders Asphalt had to grapple with fluctuations in demand and navigate supply chain disruptions such as a recent quarry strike in the Chicago area.

The Solution

Builders Asphalt turned to HaulHub’s SupplierCI business analytics solution to address their operational challenges. SupplierCI leverages the company’s material ticketing data to provide real-time insights on plants, trucks, materials, and customers. It enabled Builders Asphalt to access critical information instantly, eliminating the need for tedious manual reporting and allowing them to make data-driven decisions swiftly.

Guy Dickson, Director of Sales, attested to the effectiveness of SupplierCI in addressing their challenges. With SupplierCI, he could track who was accessing their plants, monitor tonnages and mix designs, and identify any red flags such as declining customer visits. This enabled him to reach out to customers proactively, maintain engagement, and ensure customer satisfaction.

The Results

  • Improved Sales Insights
  • Measurable Business Impact
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency

“SupplierCI is an immense help for us on a day-to-day basis. It allows us to have all the information at our fingertips. In the past, we used to have to run tedious reports. Now, it’s great because it dives deep into the numbers. When you need answers right away, that’s when SupplierCI comes in.”

Guy Dickson
Director of Sales
Builders Asphalt

The Story

Builders Asphalt, with multiple locations in the Illinois area, is a prominent asphalt supplier with a strong focus on sales and customer service. For Builders Asphalt, success is ultimately measured by their bottom line. Guy Dickson, the Director of Sales, leads a dedicated team, consisting of three to four members, who work diligently to achieve the company’s sales targets. As the Director of Sales, Guy emphasizes the importance of meeting financial goals.

SupplierCI has proven to be an invaluable tool in this pursuit, providing immediate access to crucial information. Previously, they relied on time-consuming reports generated by their older systems. However, SupplierCI’s real-time data and analytics capabilities provided a comprehensive view of sales performance, allowing Builders Asphalt to track sales on a weekly basis and evaluate the impact of external events, such as the quarry strike. By assessing the impact on sales and specific customer subsets, they gained valuable insights into customer behavior, loyalty, and purchasing patterns. This enabled them to make informed adjustments to their operations and strategies.

SupplierCI’s user-friendly interface, available on both desktop and mobile devices, provided easy access to charts, numbers, and customized reports. This eliminated the need for manual reporting, saving time and streamlining operations. Real-time data availability empowered the team to react promptly to changing conditions, improving overall efficiency.

Builders Asphalt
Builders Asphalt provides the highest quality product in a timely fashion with great customer service. They accomplish this goal by emphasizing safety, education, training, planning, and scheduling. The ultimate satisfaction of their customers along with the well-being of their employees will always be their primary focus.
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