Transforming Material Delivery with HaulHub’s JOBslip e-Ticketing Solution

The Challenge

As a material producer, Benevento Companies faced the challenge of effectively managing and coordinating the complex process of material delivery during a pilot paving project for the City of Boston Transportation Department (BTD). The BTD sought a comprehensive digital solution to traditional methods involving manual processes and paper-based ticketing systems which often led to delays, miscommunications, and limited visibility into project progress. Streamlining these operations and fostering seamless collaboration among the various project stakeholders were key challenges for Benevento Companies.

The Solution

Benevento Companies embraced collaboration efforts with the BTD and HaulHub Technologies by utilizing their JOBslip e-Ticketing solution. The platform helps to proactively address operational challenges, enhance collaboration with project stakeholders and seamlessly integrate the collection of digital material ticketing data for the BTD. This digital platform revolutionized the material delivery process, enabling real-time tracking, transparent communication, and comprehensive project visibility.

The Results

  • Streamlined Material Delivery and Logistics
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Communication
  • Accurate Documentation and Compliance

“I loved how this went and look forward to having this on all of our projects in the future, not just with asphalt delivery but also on other materials we commonly use such as concrete, gravel, crushed stone, and sand. Again, a great tool for so many reasons!”

Sean Darden
Senior Civil Engineer
Boston Public Works Department
Construction Management Division

The Story

Benevento Companies, a renowned material producer specializing in crushed stone, hot mix asphalt, and ready-mixed concrete products, participated in a pilot project aimed at exploring the benefits of implementing HaulHub’s DOT e-Ticketing™ solutions for the public work of the City of Boston. This project brought together stakeholders, including D&R Paving, Briggs Engineering & Testing, and the Boston Transportation Department (BTD), to pave ten streets in the city of Boston.

HaulHub’s solutions provides material producers and contractors with access to the JOBslip platform to manage e-Tickets and seamlessly deliver digital ticketing data in real-time to the BTD systems. The project aimed to enhance collaboration and efficiency among teams from each participating partner. All stakeholders ultimately benefit from the streamline approach to their paving processes, improved BTD inspection procedures, and the ability to leverage real-time ticketing data to optimize project management.

Throughout the project, teams across the supply chain extensively utilized the platform, both on-site and in the office, to monitor and manage the paving operations. Real-time tracking and visibility enabled them to monitor the departure of materials from Benevento plants, accurately forecast delivery times, and optimize logistics for timely supply to the project sites. This streamlined approach significantly improved operational efficiency and reduced transportation costs due to delays.

The digital platform provided a centralized communication channel for all parties, enabling efficient coordination, addressing concerns promptly, and ensuring smooth project execution. It also helped address challenges encountered during the pilot project, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement. These included the classification of subcontractor trucks, differentiating between multiple delivery locations, and accurate material identification on paper tickets.

Benevento Companies could provide precise details on material specifications, quantities, and additional additives such as Warm Mix Additive, ensuring compliance with project requirements. This transparency enabled the City of Boston to meet their commitments and maintain a high level of quality assurance.

The intuitive nature of HaulHub’s JOBslip e-Ticketing solutions, coupled with its real-time insights, improved collaboration, and project management optimization, resulted in streamlined operations for all parties. By embracing this digital solution, Benevento Companies achieved streamlined logistics, enhanced collaboration with stakeholders, accurate documentation, and data-driven decision-making capabilities. The positive feedback received from the Boston Transportation Department and other project participants reinforces the value and effectiveness of the e-Ticketing solutions provided by HaulHub Technologies.

Benevento Companies
Benevento Companies is a family-owned and operated aggregate-based material supply company. As the area’s leading construction materials producer, Benevento Companies have been supplying quality crushed stone, hot mix asphalt and ready-mixed concrete products for 85 years. The company operates with locations in Wilmington and Georgetown, MA as well as Plaistow, Pembroke and Loudon NH.
Material Producer / Supplier
Boston, Massachusetts