The City of Boston Transportation Department (BTD) Successful DOT e-Ticketing Pilot Project

The Challenge

The City of Boston Department of Transportation (BTD) faced several challenges in their paving projects, including the need for real-time information, effective coordination among stakeholders, accurate material identification, and seamless communication between inspectors and project teams. Traditional methods of tracking material deliveries, ensuring compliance with specifications, and managing project progress were time-consuming and prone to errors. The BTD sought a comprehensive solution that would address these challenges and enhance overall project performance.

The Solution

The BTD collaborated with HaulHub Technologies to implement their DOT e-Ticketing™ solution, designed specifically for transportation agencies and their partners in the construction industry. The solution offered a digital platform for stakeholders to streamline material deliveries, monitor project progress in real-time, and enhance communication and collaboration. By digitizing the ticketing process, the BTD aimed to improve efficiency, accuracy, and transparency throughout the paving project.

The Results

  • Improved Project Visibility and Real-time Insights
  • Streamlined Collaboration and Communication
  • Staffing Optimization and Quality Control

“I loved how this went and look forward to having this on all of our projects in the future, not just with asphalt delivery but also on other materials we commonly use such as concrete, gravel, crushed stone, and sand. Again, a great tool for so many reasons!”

Sean Darden
Senior Civil Engineer
Boston Public Works Department
Construction Management Division

The Story

The BTD recently undertook a pilot project in collaboration with HaulHub Technologies to explore the benefits of implementing their DOT e-Ticketing™ solution for paving operations that spanned ten Boston City streets. The project aimed to enhance collaboration and efficiency among project stakeholders, including Benevento Companies, D&R Paving, Briggs Engineering & Testing and other third party haulers. The BTD aimed to streamline their paving processes, improve inspection procedures, and leverage real-time data to optimize project management.

Throughout the project, teams across the supply chain extensively utilized the platform, both on-site and in the office, to monitor and manage the paving operations. They could track the departure of materials from the plant, monitor running totals, and ensure optimal material quantities for each job, enabling proactive decision-making and reducing delays.

The digital platform provided a centralized communication channel for all parties, enabling efficient coordination, addressing concerns promptly, and ensuring smooth project execution. It also helped address challenges encountered during the pilot project, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement. These included the classification of subcontractor trucks, differentiating between multiple delivery locations, and accurate material identification on paper tickets.

By assigning specific inspectors to track deliveries and record data while dedicating others to quality control tasks, the BTD ensured comprehensive project oversight while maximizing efficiency. This approach allowed for effective inspection of various aspects, including ADA compliance, castings, and water flow.

The intuitive nature of HaulHub’s DOT e-Ticketing™ solution, coupled with its real-time insights, improved collaboration, and project management optimization, resulted in streamlined operations for all parties. Challenges were swiftly addressed, ensuring the teams alignment with the specific requirements of the project. The BTD expressed their enthusiasm in implementing this solution for future projects and their desire to leverage the platform’s benefits across various materials types. This will pave the way for wider adoption of HaulHub’s DOT e-Ticketing solution, enabling the BTD to further streamline their construction processes and drive continued success for the City of Boston.

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